Franklin Life Pregnancy Resource Center, Inc.

Pregnant? Need Help? We've Been Where You Are! We Care!

 Services at Franklin Life Pregnancy Resource Center                                                     

 All of our services at Franklin Life PRC are

 Free  &  Confidential!

They include:

   24 Hour Helpline-(706) 384-5081

  *  Free Pregnancy Test

  *  Ultrasound Referral

   Information on options of an unexpected pregnancy    

  *  Care Items during pregnancy: such as maternity clothes, etc...

  *  Care Items for baby: such as cribs, strollers, bottles, diapers, 

       blankets, baby clothes etc...

  *  Referrals to Doctors, Medicaid, Food, Clothing, WIC, Shelter,

       Childbirth & Parenting Classes etc...

  Abstinence Education & Resources

  *  One on One or Group Bible Studies:

          - Post-Abortion Mentoring - "Forgiven & Set Free"

            available to men or women

          - Mentoring on Sexually traumatic experiences such as

             rape, incest or promiscuity -  "The Path to Sexual Healing" 

          - Miscarriage or child loss after birth - "Threads of Hope,

             Pieces of Joy"     

       You may also visit "Whispers From The Womb" Voices Unheard! 

        Visit & Share to Save Lives!